Full body massage 40 min € 48,-
Partial body massage/back massage 20 min € 24,-
Reflexology massage 30 min € 36,-
Partial massage and reflexology 40 min € 48,-
Full body lymphatic drainage 60 min € 72,-
Partial body lymphatic drainage 30 min € 36,-
Massage mixture 60 min € 72,-

Ear candling Treatment

Ear candling has been used as an accompanying natural remedy for headaches, migraines, forehead-, throat-, nasal-, and sinus disorders, ear pressure, tinnitus, olfactory problems, sleeplessness, stress, mood swings, vertigo – and much more – for the last 900 years. It can also be used to simply clean the ears. The treatment is deply relaxing for body, spirit and soul and increases one's general feeling of well-being. Children can alos enjoy this wonderful treatment.
Duration 30 min. € 39,00

Joya Massage

The Joya Massage is a therapeutic massage combining strong, deep massage and the energising effect of gemstone,Warm relaxation and a light ripple can be feld when the gemsones glide over the skin. Allow yourself to be spoilt and relax.
Duration 30 min. € 36,00

All treatments can be ordered at the front desk.