Adventures on the bewitched mountain

Between top and mid station of the Kohlmaisgipfelbahn lift this attraction is waiting for you! It's all about the little clown Montelino who lost his smile because he neglected his friends and toys until they disappeared.

Now its your turn to bring the smile back to Montelino. Take a box and try to find all his friends and toys again. Follow the wise owl - it will help you! Enjoy this adventure and help Montelino to smile again.

To make it short: Montelino neglected his friends and toys - So one day, all his friends were gone, and the toy box was empty. Because of that our small clown Montelino got sad and lost his smile. Now your help is urgently needed!

Equipped with an empty toy box - which the children receive at the bottom station of the Kohlmaisgipfelbahn lift - they follow the wise owl. With the cable car the visitors glide up to the Kohlmais peak, where the first game stations are waiting.

From the top to the middle station of the Kohlmaisgipfelbahn lift it goes through the wood and over meadows - always looking for the lost toys and friends of the little clown. The children explore the nature and they are having fun on the magic mountain.

From the spider net, passing the giant snake "Paula" to the punch show - from the home of the funny squirrel with the golden nut, take the big chute to the circus arena. There's a lot to explore!

Try this adventure with fun and games at this magic mountain. Are you able to find Montelino's friends and toys?

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